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The services described below provide examples of CES’s capabilities. The list is not complete.
If you have a situation you would like to discuss, do not hesitate to call.

Site Assessment / Investigation – CES performs “Phase I” site assessments as required by lending institutions for commercial real estate transactions to identify potential environmental liabilities (buyer due diligence). If environmental liabilities are identified, CES can provide plans and implement “Phase II” assessments to identify the extent of the problem, as well as “Phase III” assessments to further define the problem and develop remedial plans and costs.

Environmental Sampling and Testing – CES will arrange for installation of soil borings and monitoring wells as may be needed to collect soil, groundwater and air samples to assess the extent of environmental impacts at your site. CES works closely with certified testing laboratories to provide the proper analytical information to define the impacted area.

Remediation – CES will develop the most cost effective plan to “clean-up” your environmental problem and eliminate liability according to all applicable Federal, State and local regulations. All remedial options will be considered in developing the best suited solution.

Primary Consulting – CES will be there from start to finish as your confidant to inform you of environmental regulations that pertain to your situation, potential liabilities and options that you may have in dealing with any given situation. We will serve as your liaison in dealing with regulatory agencies and will keep you informed as the project progresses.

Permitting – CES can handle all of your permitting needs, for example: tank installation; obstruction and encroachment; wastewater and stormwater discharge (NPDES); waste management; oil and gas activities; mining; and erosion and sediment control (E&S) plans.

Emergency Plans – CES can produce plans required by Federal and State agencies such as Spill Prevention, Contingency and Countermeasure (SPCC); Facility Response Plans (FRP); Environmental Emergency Response (EER).

Storage Tank Activities – CES will complete the required paperwork and arrange for closure of your storage tank systems according to applicable regulations. If a release of a controlled substance has occurred, CES will implement emergency clean-up actions, perform sampling and testing to define the extent of environmental impacts above applicable clean-up standards, develop remedial action plans, and provide reports to regulatory agencies.

Waste Management – CES can characterize any waste material and obtain approval for disposal and also arrange for the most cost effective transportation and disposal option for any wastestream at fully licensed and permitted treatment and disposal facilities anywhere in the country for liquids and solids, including hazardous and residual materials.

Brownfields Redevelopment – CES can lead your company through all phases of permitting, testing and remediation required to redevelop former industrial sites.

Project Management and Oversight – CES will act as your representative on any environmental project involving multiple disciplines and responsible parties. We provide on-site presence and recordkeeping and to protect your interests, and concise reports of field activities.

Expert Witness Testimony – CES can serve as your technical representative in environmental matters where litigation is likely to occur. We can provide advice on potential severity of environmental liabilities and how your company may be affected.

Mold, Radon and Asbestos Evaluation – CES can provide testing and reports describing the environmental health and potential liabilities at your facility.

Environmental Audits – CES can provide a detailed inspection of your facility and compile a concise listing of potential environmental liabilities and financial implications to the value of your facility.

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